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Mitosis_and_Meiosis.doc Download Attachment;Experiment;Mitosis;Meiosis;MITOSIS AND MEIOSIS;and;Margaret Vorndam;M.S. Version 42-009400-01;LAB REPORT ASSISTANT;This document is not meant to be a substitute for a formal laboratory report. The Lab;Report Assistant is simply a summary of the experiment s questions, diagrams if;needed, and data tables that should be addressed in a formal lab report. The intent is to;facilitate students writing of lab reports by providing this information in an editable file;which can be sent to an instructor.;OBSERVATIONS;Exercise 1: Mitosis in Animal and;Plant Cells;PROCEDURE;1.;Observe the prepared slide of the whitefish blastula under the;microscope.;2. Draw cells that represent the various stages of mitosis: Interphase, Prophase;Metaphase, Anaphase, and Telophase. Place your drawings here;m;222;Hands-On Labs;Experiment;m;MITOSIS AND MEIOSIS;223;Hands-On Labs;Experiment;3.;MITOSIS AND MEIOSIS;For each drawing, label the parts of the cells that you can identify such as the;nuclear membrane, chromosomes, cellular membrane, cytoplasm, spindle fibers;chromatids, cleavage furrow formation during Cytokinesis, and centrioles. It is;unlikely that you will find all of these structures. Why?;4. Observe the slide of the onion root tip under the microscope.;5.;Draw cells that represent the various stages of mitosis: Interphase, Prophase;Metaphase, Anaphase and Telophase. Place your drawings here;6.;Label the parts of the cells that you can identify such as the nuclear membrane;chromosomes, cellular membrane, cytoplasm, spindle fibers, chromatids, cell wall;formation region, and centrioles. It it is unli kely that you will find all of these;structures. Why?;RESULTS;For both the whitefish and the onion, what is the 2n number of chromosomes that were observed?;Hint: separate chromosomes are easiest to view and count during Prometaphase.;QUESTIONS;A. What is the purpose of mitosis?;B. What other term is commonly used in place of mitosis?;m;224;Hands-On Labs;Experiment;MITOSIS AND MEIOSIS;C.;What is a;blastula?;D. What are the differences in the mitotic processes between animal and;plant cells?;E. Why might there be more mitotic division in an onion root tip than in other areas of;the plant?;F. A summary of mitosis fill in the correct answer. The nucleus in the undivided;cell has the diploid (2n) number of chromosomes, and the nuclei in the two split cells;also have;number of chromosomes. In mitosis, the chromosome number;(check the correct choice);stays the same or;halves.;Exercise 2;Animals;Meiosis in;QUESTIONS;A. Which organ, the ovary or the testes, contained the greater number of;gametes? B. What may be a reason for this?;Exercise;Meiosis;3;Simulating;QUESTIONS;A.;What;accomplish?;does;mitosis;B.;When and where does mitosis;occur?;m;225;Hands-On Labs;Experiment;MITOSIS AND MEIOSIS;C.;What does meiosis accomplish?;D.;When and where does meiosis occur?;E.;How do these two processes differ?;m;226;Hands-On Labs;Experiment;MITOSIS AND MEIOSIS;F. How do Prophase in Mitosis and Prophase I in Meiosis;differ?;G. Does Meiosis occur anywhere else in the body beside within the;gonads?;H. How does meiosis confer advantages to an organism when compared to asexual;reproduction such as budding?;I.;How might crossing-over be a benefit to an;organism?;J.;How might crossing-over be detrimental to an;organism?;K. Crossing over can also occur during mitosis where chromosomes exchange;segments. Is crossing over more advantageous to organism survival if it occurs during;mitosis or meiosis? Explain.;LABO RATORY SUMMARY;What have you learned from doing this;laboratory?;m;227;Hands-On Labs


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