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Each assigned memo must be approximately 600 to 700 words,




Each assigned memo must be approximately 600 to 700 words, (about two pages. All of your information must come from the links below and the management 11th edition(kreitner) textbook. Cite the sources, and list these sources at the end of your memo.;Example of a Typical Memo Format;To: Dr. Salisbury;From: Your Name;Date: The date you are giving it to me;Subject;Memo I: Mary Barra, and Lloyd Dean are well-known, (see links below). They share some similarities. You may also notice some differences too.;? Pick one, Mary Barra or Lloyd Dean. Who interests you more than the other? Does s/he fall under the textbook definition of an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur? Review the textbook definitions. Explain your reasoning in two to five paragraphs. Use the information in the links below to answer the following question. Explain your reasoning). Be specific.;Memo II. ? If you were starting a business today, why would you imitate the Mary Barra or Lloyd Dean?s management approach/model/style? Explain. Be specific. Use examples from the links below to illustrate your points. I feel is not acceptable. We need to have precise, fact-based reasons for business plans, policy and strategy. It?s practice for your careers.;Mary Barra;;;Lloyd Dean;;;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Show all work


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