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Extraction of DNA




Extraction of DNA Questions.rtf Download Attachment;Lab Report;Name;Section;Extraction of DNA;Exercise 1 - Extraction of DNA;1. In the space below draw what the DNA at interface looked like.;2. Before pouring out the contents, use the stirring rod to remove the DNA from the test;tube by gently moving the rod in a circular motion.;3. Describe what the DNA from the split peas look like.;4. Is there more or less DNA than you expected to see?;5. What does the blending or mashing of the peas do?;6. Which of the procedures that you used allow the release of the DNA from the cells?;7. Why was cold water used in this exercise instead of warm water? Hint: Think about;enzymatic reactions.;1;8. Why does the DNA rise to the top after adding the 91% isopropyl alcohol?;9. What part of the cell did the DNA come from?;10. How is DNA extraction useful to scientists?;11. Describe how a large DNA molecule is enclosed compactly within the nucleus of a cell.


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