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Unit 3 Assignment;Please review the following clinical contexts and case studies;1. Psychologist in Private Practice;Client #1: 28 year old, married, father of a 2 year old and a 6 month old infant;Chief Complaint: "I just can't seem to be happy with anything anymore. I'm miserable and I'm making everybody around me miserable.;Client #2: 41 year old, recently divorced female with no children and high school education;Chief Complaint: "No matter what I do, I cannot relax, I am always stressing out about something. I feel like I'm going crazy.;2. School Psychologist;Client #1: 7-year-old second-grader from intact family that recently moved into the school district;Referral Problems: academic difficulties related to reading and writing, social difficulties with peers;Client #2: 17 -year-old high school student;Referral Problems: failing grades, refused to follow course sequences, considering dropping out;In essay format, respond to the following;Identify specific historical and contextual considerations for the clients listed and how that would impact a plan for assessment.;Discuss specific ethical concerns related to the assessment process for the clients listed.;Detail specifics of an initial interview for one of the clients listed above.;Choose one of the clients listed above and outline a plan of assessment. List what specific types of assessments would be most appropriate and describe why they are necessary.;Project Guidelines;1800 words minimum;APA Format;Utilize the readings and other course material from Units 1, 2, and 3;If you feel you must find outside resources for assistance, please utilize academically legitimate resources (DO NOT use websites and Wiki?s that are not peer-reviewed);DO NOT focus on the use of diagnoses or labels;Be specific and detailed, do not just list items and facts;You may take creative license and flesh out the history or presenting problems of the clients if you choose, but please DO NOT identify labels or diagnoses at all!


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