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Drums cow was offered for sale at auction




1. Drums cow was offered for sale at auction. One of the clauses contained in the auction;catalogue stated that no animal is sold with a warranty unless specifically mentioned at the;time of offering, and no warranty so given shall have any legal effect or force unless the terms;thereof appear on the purchasers account. Bidding was slow because of the cows poor;appearance. In a bid to get things moving, he said: There is nothing wrong with her I will;guarantee her in every respect. Harp, on hearing this, successfully bid for the cow only to find;when he got her home that she had TB. She died shortly thereafter.;Will the warranty in the catalogue protect Drum if Harp brings an action against him for;compensation?;2. Michael took his white formal suit and his wifes green silk dress to QuiknCheep drycleaners. He had been getting his dry cleaning done here for several years. He was handed a;docket and, as usual, he placed it in his wallet without reading it. When he went to collect the;clothing they could not find his suit and his wifes dress was badly stained. One of the shop;assistants said that they had handed over a white formal suit to a woman this morning who said;she had lost her ticket. No explanation was offered about the stain.;When Michael demanded compensation he was referred to a clause on the docket which said;We are not be liable for any loss or damage to clothing left for cleaning howsoever such loss or;damage may be caused. The manager pointed out the large sign at the back of the shop which;had the same words. The sign had clearly been there for some time. Michael protested that he;had never read either the docket or the sign.;Advise Michael whether he is able to sue for compensation.


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