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Network Infrastructure Administration




After a network has been installed and becomes operational, the system must be maintained. An important part of an implementation plan is preparation for the operation of the network and the potential problems that might arise. Maintenance includes monitoring of the network operation to help identify and correct potential problems before they occur.;For this assignment, you will modify the Network Implementation Plan document to include the address maintenance and troubleshooting.;The following are the project deliverables;Update the Network Implementation Plan document title page with a new date and project name.;Update the previously completed sections based on the instructor's feedback.;Add the following new content;Maintenance and Troubleshooting;Describe the maintenance procedures planned for the proposed network, including a schedule of maintenance activities and the steps required for each activity.;Identify the network operations that will be monitored, the information that will be gathered, and the meaning of the information as it relates to potential system problems.;List at least 3 potential network problem scenarios, and identify the troubleshooting procedure that will be used if this scenario occurs.


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