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1. Discuss whether New Hampshire could deny a parade permit;to the Klu Klux Klan. This is a CONSTITUTIONAL;question. Please explore both sides of the answer and refer to;specific provisions of the Constitution..;2. Discuss ways in which you can acquire personal property.;3. Discuss two legal issues that have been difficult to deal with;as technology has changes. Examples could include;intellectual property, contract form or others you can think of.;4. Sweet Samantha was at the grocery store. She slipped on a;banana peel left by another customer. A young child was;eating one of the bananas from his fathers cart and dropped it;on the floor. Samantha injured her ankle and was limping as;she left the store. Another customer saw her in the parking lot.;He offered to assist her with her groceries and even offered to;follow her home and help her there. She agreed and gave him;her address. When she arrived home, she waited for him but;he did not show up. She waited so long that some of her food;was ruined as it was a very hot day. Discuss all legal issues.;5. Sly Sid owned a house. He wanted to sell it fast. He placed an;advertisement on Craigs List, offering to sell the furniture;with the house. He also put a sign in his yard. He placed the;advertisement using the name of a local realtor but he was not;actually affiliated with them. Silly Sarah was looking for a;house and saw Sids sign in his yard. Sid showed her around;the house. He explained that although the basement had some;water damage that he had fixed the issue. He also told he that;in the summer he had some lovely rose bushes at the front of;the house. Sarah agreed to buy the house. She later found out;that Sid was married but that his wife knew nothing about the;sale. She also found out about the furniture and demanded;that it be included. Finally, she found out that the basement;water issue had been worked on but not fixed. The realtor;seeks a commission on the sale.Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 3;Max Pages: 4;Level of Detail: Show all work


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