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How do you solve the following problem (step-by-step),




How do you solve the following problem (step-by-step), and please see attachment?;Problem 3.1 (*). Given relation EMP as in Figure 3.3, let p1: TITLE ?Programmer? be two simple predicates. Assume that character;strings have an order among them, based on the alphabetical order.;(a) Perform a horizontal fragmentation of relation EMP with respect to fp1, p2g.;(b) Explain why the resulting fragmentation (EMP1, EMP2) does not fulfill the;correctness rules of fragmentation.;(c) Modify the predicates p1 and p2 so that they partition EMP obeying the;correctness rules of fragmentaion. To do this, modify the predicates, compose;all minterm predicates and deduce the corresponding implications, and then;perform a horizontal fragmentation of EMP based on these minterm predicates.;Finally, show that the result has completeness, reconstruction and disjointness;properties.;Attachment Preview


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