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Analytics Exercise: Comparing Companies Using Wall Street




Analytics Exercise: Comparing Companies Using Wall Street Efficiency Measures;Step 1: Pick an industry that you find interesting. This may be driven by a company by which;you would like to be employed or by some other factor. Within the industry, identify three;companies that compete with one another. In order to ensure comparability, go to, find and enter the company stock symbol, and then go to Fundamentals, Company Report.;The industry is in the first column, under Company Information. Find three companies that are in;the same industry.;Step 2: Collect data related to each company. At a minimum, find the income per employee;revenue per employee, receivable turnover, inventory turnover, and asset turnover for;each company. This data is available under Fundamentals, Key Ratios, and Mgmt;Efficiency on the website. You might also find it useful to review the Company Report for each;fi rm. Here read the description of each company to better understand how they do business.;Step 3: Compare the companies based on what you have found. Which company appears to;have the most productive employees? Which company has the best operations and supply;chain processes? Which company is most efficient in its use of credit? Which company makes;the best use of its facility and equipment assets?;Step 4: What insights can you draw from your analysis? Benchmarkingis a process where one;company studies the processes of another company (or industry) to identify best practices.;What could your companies learn from benchmarking each other?;View Full Attachment;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 2;Max Pages: 4


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