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?Saturday Night Fever




In 1978, actor John Travolta starred in the movie ?Saturday Night Fever,?;Playing a young working class Brooklyn man, whose life was centered around spending Saturday night at the disco. A memorable scene in the movie has Travolta dancing in a white disco jacket to music performed by the BeeGees.;In January 2012, Rolling Stone Magazine contained an article on movies of the 1970?s and used altered photographs from featured movies as a satire. One of the pictures, had a picture of Travolta dancing in a white disco jacket, with porn star John Holme?s naked body from the waist down imposed on the picture. Rolling Stone did not ask Travolta for permission to publish the altered photograph. Travolta filed suit against Rolling Stone magazine. Discuss the rules of law that the court will use to decide the case and explain the likely result. Use IRAC FORMAT. MAX LENGTH IS 4 PAGES DOUBLE SPACED;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 2;Level of Detail: Only answer needed;Other Requirements: IRAC FORM


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