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As a manager, would you rather work with highly diversified teams




1. As a manager, would you rather work with highly diversified teams or with more;homogeneous teams? Why? Which types would be best for which types of;situations?;2. Think about a group in which you have been involved at work, at school, or;perhaps while playing a sport. What were the structural characteristics of the;group? What were some of its norms? Would you characterize it as a group or as;a team? Why?;3. Some students groan and complain when told they must participate in a group;project. Why do you think this is? What is it about group work that irritates some;students so much? After reading this chapter, can you think of ways to structure;and lead a group to gain these individuals? cooperation and motivation?;4. As a manager, if your workgroup is demonstrating considerable intragroup;conflict, what would you do?;5. Which type of team ? self-managing, cross-functional, global, or virtual ? do you;think is the most difficult to manage, and why?;6. How would you characterize your own level of group competency? What do you;think are the most important KSAs relevant to groups and teams that you should;master next?;Additional Requirements;Other Requirements: 150 word ansers


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