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Corporate Social Responsibility




Corporate Social Responsibility;In this week's article, Abbas J. Ali discusses Islamic perspectives on motivation and;personality. This particular study is in contrast to most other research on the topic of;humanistic theories of motivation. The author introduces a new theory that religion and;spirituality can have a positive influence on organizational performance in the workplace.;Since you are probably familiar with the Judeo-Christian context, this should stimulate a;discussion of comparative practices (similarities and differences). Address the following;in your response;Knowing the extent of human aspiration and how higher order "being needs" motivate;people across cultures, do organizations have a social responsibility to see that their;people meet their needs in the context of doing their work?;If so, how could an organization go about creating the right environment for that to;happen? If you dont believe organizations have that responsibility, explain your;reasoning.;Application;Self-Actualization and Management Models;A great diversity characterizes the prevailing models of management. Maslow presents a series;of assumptions that are largely positive in nature, for example, that people are inherently;honest, and that goodwill predominates organizational behavior. Other models focus on results;metrics, profit and loss, or techniques for cultivating responses and behaviors among;employees.;Complete and submit your 12- to 15-page paper, in which you address the following;How can Maslow's idea of self-actualization and eupsychian management be;reconciled with prevailing mental models of management?;What implications are there for practicing managers?;If you wanted to integrate these ideas into your own management style, how;would you do so?;In light of what you know about other theorists and the variety of human variance;and capability, how can Maslow's ideas be utilized?;Under what conditions should these ideas be avoided, and under what conditions;should they be deployed?


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