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YOUR PAPER IS DUE NO LATER THAN 6 pm on 4-15-2014. You may turn;your paper in early but you may not turn it in late. Points are allocated;for turning your paper in on time. No exceptions. You must print a;hardcopy of your paper and turn your paper into the Accounting Office;on campus. Ask that your paper be placed in my mailbox in the;Accounting Office. As a general rule, I cannot accept papers by email or;fax because I need them printed out by you in order to grade them.;Your paper will be graded based upon you following the guidelines set forth herein. In;other words, follow the instructions on this document in writing your paper.;Your paper must have an introduction, discussion and conclusion. In your introduction;make sure to explain why your topic is important. Include some interesting statistics or;reasons why someone would need to read your paper. Good introductions make someone;want to read your paper, they tell why this topic is important or they draw the reader in by;focusing in on an interesting point of your paper. In your discussion, make sure to fully;explain your topic, citing to relevant sources including cases and statutes. Always cite to;your sources. In your conclusion, give some opinions, is further reform needed in this area;of law? If so, what is needed? Do you agree with the holdings of the cases you the case;law you cited, explain why or why not? Make some recommendations on the topic you;wrote about. It is ok for you to give your opinions, you have spent time researching this;topic.;From past semesters, the biggest deductions on papers are failure to cite to sources;failure to have an introduction and conclusion as explained above and failure to use;footnotes. Make sure your paper follows these guidelines.;You must have a minimum of 5 references in your paper. I prefer that you use KY law;however, I understand that you may not be able to do this for all topics. You are free to;use Westlaw or any source in the EKU law library. If you have trouble researching, ask the;EKU law librarians for help. You may cite to your textbook as a source. Do not use the;internet or cite to anything you find using a Google search without prior approval;however, you may use the IRS website and the KY Secretary of State website if your topic;is covered on these sites.;Your paper should have at least 5 references and should be a minimum of 5 double;spaced typewritten pages and shall not exceed 10 double spaced typewritten pages. Use;12 point font. Make sure to number your pages. Do not use too many direct quotes. If you;do use direct quotes, single space and block indent them.;Make sure to properly document your sources. Do not plagiarize.;Always, always cite to your sources. Use footnotes to cite to your;sources. Do not prepare a Works Cited Page.;Use footnotes for your paper, on each page, based on the following;examples (DO NOT submit a works cited page);Cases and Statutes;A private road can become a public road in one of two ways. A private road can;become a public road (1) by compliance with KRS 178.025(1) or (2) by a dedication of a;road to the public use and its acceptance by the proper authorities as a public highway. 1...;Once a road has been determined to be a public road, there are two alternate;statutory methods for establishing it as county road, KRS 178.080 (which was held;applicable when landowners do not consent to the change in Grater v. Gertisen2 and Jones;v. Rudd3) or KRS 178.115....;Law Review Article;According to Knud E. Hermansen and Donald R. Richards in the article Maine;Roads and Easements,4 public road easements are generally founded upon long;continuous use by the public that presumes a grant....;Other;U.S. Supreme Court Case;Federal Case;Federal Statute;Regulation;Restatement;Dictionary;Daly v. Lin, 482 U.S. 109 (1990).;Franklin Co. v SEC, 798 F.2d 986 (2nd Cir. 1990).;11 U.S.C. 146 (1994).;47 C.F.R. 73.609 (1994).;Restatement (Second) of Torts 13 (1984).;Blacks Law Dictionary 798 (6th ed. 1990).;1;Watson v. Crittenden Co. Fiscal Court, 771 S.W.2d 47 (Ky.App. 1989) citing;Louisville & Nashville Railroad Company v. Engle, 129 S.W.2d 133 (Ky. 1939).;2;205 S.W. 782 (Ky. 1918).;3;92 S.W.2d 814 (Ky. 1936).;4;48 Me. L. Rev. 197, 216 (Winter,1996).;CJS;Book;88 C.J.S. Trial 192 (1955).;Alan P. Neal, Privacy Law 12 (3d ed. 1987).;View Full Attachment;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 3;Max Pages: 5;Level of Detail: Show all work;Other Requirements: These are my initial ideas: The name of my business is called Dracul. It's a type of business that sells alternative fashion to customers.


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