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World Forums;While building coherence within a single organization is frequently a problem;understanding the larger issues among contrasting worldviews is more challenging. The World;Economic Forum and the World Social Forum are two international not-for-profit organizations;that have contrasting approaches and worldviews regarding how to achieve social and;economic development.;To see how daunting it can be to understand the larger issues that inform differing;worldviews, compare and contrast the values and purposes of the World Social Forum with the;World Economic Forum. Address the following questions;1. To what extent do you think that the differences are, or are not, reconcilable, and;why?;2. What are the managerial implications of these differences? Identify points of;friction, globally, between corporate and civil society.;3. Identify the underlying values that are questioned. Search the Walden Library;and additional resources. Write a 2-3 page position paper citing the literature.


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