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Kyle has survived his recent financial crisis,




Written Assignment #4: Kyle has survived his recent financial crisis, is enjoying an upturn in business;and has sorted out his life insurance issues. He wants to take a look at Alabama Sunshine and the new;product line, Alabamas Best Foods, and has been imagining how the business should be organized in the;future. Although Alabamas Best Foods has recently expanded to stores in Mississippi, when the business;was started, the principals were Kyle and his father, Kyle-the-elder. Kyle was single and had no;dependents. He had just graduated from UNA and had a good foundation in business. But that was;several years ago and Kyle has gotten a bit rusty from his days basking in the glory and knowledge gained;in BL 480. He now has a spouse and young children and is concerned about the future of his family and;the continued growth potential of his business. And, his father, who had always managed the financial;operations of the business, is elderly, having all but retired. Kyle never was too keen in accounting so he;has been using a local Fayette bookkeeping service run by a fellow in his church who used to operate a;crop dusting service, Don C. Nutton, who tells Kyle Dont worry. Trust me. Youre earning more than;youll spend. What do you have to worry about?;Although the business has been run as a family-owned venture, Kyle knows that he must plan for;tomorrow, that he wants to keep Alabama Sunshine expanding, and that he has to look out for the interests;of his children. He knows that you are up-to-date on the pros and cons of the basic business structures;and seeks your advice. He asks you why one business organizational model would be better than;another? What factors should he consider? What steps should he take and what issues might he face?;Should he issue shares of Alabama Sunshine and, if so, what kind? What questions do you need;answered and what questions would his accountant need to be able to answer?


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