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source merchandise for their on-line surf wear business.




Ben and Carl went for a surf on Saturday and decided that it would be great to go to Hawaii to;enjoy a holiday and to source merchandise for their on-line surf wear business. They researched;accommodation options and flight deals online. On Monday morning, Ben saw an advertisement;for a new accommodation website, Sun and Surf Holidays on television. He visited the website;and subscribed to receive their hot deals via email each day.;Later that day Ben received an email from Sun and Surf Holidays advertising one weeks;accommodation for two people, in a five star luxury beachside villa in Hawaii for only $300.;Realising that this was an exceptionally good deal, but not surprised because he knew that Sun;and Surf Holidays had only just opened and were running a number of good opening specials;he clicked on the special and pressed Reserve my accommodation and made a booking.;That evening Ben received an email from Sun and Surf Holidays explaining that there had;been a mistake and the website should have said $3000. Sun and Surf Holidays explained that;this was still a good price because normally a weeks accommodation in a five-star beach-side;villa would have cost $4000.;Ben replied by email immediately, telling Sun and Surf Holidays that he was very frustrated;as it had taken him several phone calls to his mate Carl to decide if theyd make the booking. He;said that if hed had known it would cost $3000, he would never have made the booking. Ben;then turned off his computer and went out for a jog to calm down.;Sun & Surf Holidays replied to Bens email Tuesday morning. They apologised for the;confusion and said that they wanted to keep their customers happy so Ben could have the;accommodation package for $1500, but that the deal was for a limited time and Ben would need;to notify them by the close of business that day to confirm he wanted to proceed with the;booking.;Ben called Carl immediately to check what Carl wanted to do, and they agreed that theyd book;the accommodation at the discounted rate of $1500. Ben emailed Sun & Surf Holidays;Tuesday afternoon saying hed like to make the booking for $1500. Sun & Surf Holidays;didnt receive Bens email until Friday morning. Sun & Surf Holidays emailed Ben;immediately upon receipt of the email stating that regretfully, the accommodation had been;booked by another customer on Wednesday and the deal had lapsed.Level of Detail: Show all work;Other Requirements: Can you tell me the relevant sections of any applicable legislation about the case if you possible?


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