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Financial growth and Equity




Problem 12.1;Middleton Clinic had total assets of $500,000 and an equity balance of $350,000 at the end of 2010.One year later, at the end of 2011, the clinic had $575,000 in assets and $380,000 in equity. What was the clinic?s dollars growth in assets during 2012, and how was this growth financed?;Here is the template that my teacher wants it to be answered in, it is fill in the blanks;The clinic?s assets grew from $_______ to $_________, or by $________, in 2012. Thus, the growth rate in assets was _______%. At the same time, the clinic?s equity grew from $________ to $________, so the growth in equity was _______%. Because the balance sheet must balance, the clinic?s total debt must have grown from $__________ to $________. Thus, the clinic?s growth was financed with $_______ of equity and $_________ of debt, for total financing of $________, which matches the increase in total assets. With debt increasing more than equity, the clinic?s debt ratio (Total debt / Total assets) increased from _____% to ______%.


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