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Exchange rates and growth




Finance paper.docx Download Attachment;1. Describe differences between the FX markets we discussed: Spot, forward;futures, options, and swaps.;2. Why does the forward rate of a currency equal the future spot rate? Draw this;phenomenon to illustrate your understanding.;3. What kind of exchange rate system does the USA have? China? The EU? Give an;example of a country with a fixed rate system. A pegged rate system;4. List some factors that affect XR rates.;5. Describe PPP and IRP. Why are these theories useful to corporations and;investors?;6. Refer to the articles Tinkering with currencies doesnt solve economic problems;and Devaluation gains currency(October 6,2014). Advise a country that has;recently decided to devalue its currency to gain some kind of advantage in;international trade. Demonstrate your understanding of the news and significance;of the articles.(Google articles);7. Cite a situation in the news on the energy industry that demands resolution. Use;the case write- up format to create a solution (or opportunity) for the subject of the;article.;Case and problem write-up assignments;Select an article from The Wall Street Journal or other source in the bibliography;on an issue that has been discussed;Identify the topic of the course to which the story relates;Identify the problem or issue in the news story;Using class or other resource information, create two or three solutions to improve;the situation;Propose your best solution with your reasoning;View Full Attachment


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