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Name the four parameters that govern the tropism of a virus




1.;Name the four parameters that govern the tropism of a virus. Use 1-2 words for each parameter.;1. Blank 1;2. Blank 2;3. Blank 3;4. Blank 4;Answer;2 points;Question 2;1.;Match the following viruses with their primary route of entry.;Answer;InfluenzaAnswer;Virus;A Skin;Read Answer Items for;Question 2.;B. Alimentary;tract;Human;C. Respiratory Tract;Immunodeficiency;Virus D Urogenital tract.;Read Answer Items for;Question 2 E. Eyes;Rhinovirus;Read Answer Items for;Question 2;Human Papilloma;Virus;Read Answer Items for;Question 2;Polio Virus;Read Answer Items for;Question 2;1 points;Question 3;1.;The release of infectious virions from a host is called Blank 1, while the presence of infectious;viral particles in the bloodstream is called Blank 2;Answer;2 points;Question 4;1.;Visit the CDC Seasonal Influenza website (link in LU8 Assignments folder). For the 2012-13;influenza season, what was the peak week for number if influenza positive specimens reported;to CDC.;Answer;A 2012.;B. 2012;Week 46;Week 50;Week 2;2013 Week 5;C. 2013;D.;E. 2013;Week 8;1 points;Question 5;1.;Using information at the CDC Influenza website, What is the most prevalent strain of influenza;that is circulating in the 2012-13 flu season (Select one)?;Answer;A Influenza A H1N1.;B. Influenza A H3N2;C. Influenza A H5N1;D Influenza A H7N2.;E. Influenza B;1 points;Question 6;1.;Health Map is an excellent website ( for visualizing reports of infectious;disease outbreaks globally. Using the advanced search function of the website, you can search for;the reported outbreaks on an infectious disease for any given time period. Ebola virus infections;are viewed in the popular press and culture as the most scary of infectious diseases. Use health;map to identify which country below had the most reported cases of Ebola infection for the year;2012 (Select one).;Answer;A Sudan.;B. Canada;C. China;D Nigeria.;E. Uganda;1 points;Question 7;1.;In 3-4 sentences, explain why most enveloped viruses are transmitted by respiratory or bodily;secretions, but not by the fecal-oral routes common with non-enveloped viruses.;Answer;PressTabtoenterthecontenteditor.Forthetoolbar,pressALT+F10(PC)orALT+FN+F10(Mac).;Path: p;Words:0;2 points;Question 8;1.;The figure below depicts the process of virus [x] in which a virlent virus is serially passaged in;another host species to reduce the virulence.What is the name of this process depicted below.;Answer;1 points;Question 9;1.;A strain of avian influenza (H7N9) has recently emerged in China that is responsible for a number of;deaths. A recent paper has characterized the features of the H7N9 Anhui virus that contribute to its;transmission to humans and severe pathogenesis. The figure below depicts a glycan analysis in which;the ability of various Influenza A virus strains to bind to various types of sialic acid is determined. Which of;the strains below would you expect to be best able to replicate in humans and adapt to humans (select;one)?;Answer;A Vietnam 1203.;B. Shanghai/1;C. Hangzhou;D.;1;Kawasaki/173;2 points;Question 10;1.;The avian influenza can be mildly pathogenic in birds and only replicate in a limited number of;sites (left diagram, replication sites indicated as stars). With highly pathogenic strains, the virus;can replicate in multiple organs throughout the organism (right diagram). Explain properties the;influenza virus can evolve to alter its tropism to develop highly pathogenic strains (limit 4-6;senence).;Answer;PressTabtoenterthecontenteditor.Forthetoolbar,pressALT+F10(PC)orALT+FN+F10(Mac).;Path: p;Words:0;2 points;Question 11;1.;Neurotropic viruses are unique in that they can only infect cells of the nervous system;Answer;True;False;1 points;Question 12;1.;There are many lines of evidence that support the Human Immunodeficiency Virus as the;infectious agent that causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Fulfilling all of Koch's;Postulates is a clinical/scientific standard for demonstrating the infectious etiology of a disease.;In the early 1980's, many hemophiliacs that were treated with pooled plasma from many donors;developed AIDS. This observation would provide strong evidence for which of Koch's;Postulates?;Answer;A Postulate.;B. Postulate;1;2;3;Postulate 4;C. Postulate;D.;1 points;Question 13;1.;Match the following mechanisms with their route of entry for viruses;Answer;Endocytic;activity of Mcells;Answer;A Skin.;B. Eyes;Read Answer;Items for;Question 13;Insect Bite;Read Answer;Items for;Question 13;C. Alimentar;y;D Urogenital.;Abrasions in;vaginal;epithelium;Read Answer;Items for;Question 13;Dirt that causes;abrasion of;conjuctiva;Read Answer;Items for;Question 13;1 points;Question 14;1.;The Sendai virus causes a highly localized infection in epithelial cell lining of the lungs;while a single point mutation in the virus can cause a disseminated/systemic infection.;Which of the following best describes a reason the mutation could lead to systemic;spread (select one)?;Answer;A The mutation causes increased affinity for the host receptor.;B. The mutation prevents crossing of the Blood-Brain barrier.;C. The mutation causes the the virus to be released from both the apical and basolateral sides of the polarized;epithelial cells in the lungs.;D The mutant virus does not bind the host receptor.;E. The mutation causes the virus to only be relased from the apical side of polarized epithelial cells.;1 points;Question 15;1.;Which of the following would enhance the ability of a virus to be pantropic (select all that apply)?;Answer;A Being.;B. Using;easily overcome by physical and innate immune defenses;a rarely expressed receptor to gain cell entry.;C. Having few specific requirements for intracellular gene products to complete infection;D Having extensive and specfic requirements for intracellular gene products to complete.;infection;E. Using a ubiquitously expressed receptor for cell entry;1 points;Save and Submit;ClickSaveandSubmittosaveandsubmit.ClickSaveAllAnswerstosaveallanswers.


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