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Is Homo floreseinsis a new species of Homo




I have an assignment due for my biology 190 class. I attached it to this. "A second hypothesis in this category is that the individuals were born without a functioning thyroid, resulting in a type of endemic cretinism (myxoedematous, ME)." I want to write about this possibility in my essay.;Attachment Preview;Hobbit Assignment.doc Download Attachment;Hobbit Assignment;Is Homo floreseinsis a new species of Homo?;Final: Due by midnight Saturday March1. Presented in class Tuesday Feb 25, but you;can incorporate class feedback.;Each group will craft a position paper or presentation that incorporates their learning;issues research. The paper must explain what evidence the group found most convincing;for their position and what additional evidence they think scientists should look for. Each;group should use the baloney detection kit as they discuss and prepare their response.;;The paper or presentation must address criteria for a species and at least one explanation;of why island species tend to show large size differences from their mainland relatives.;Creative presentation is a plus! You can present a short debate, summarize a;written paper, present a podcast or video, ask the class questionsThe class will;offer you comments in writing.;Persuasive Presentation: Hobbits?;Teacher Name: Pat Marsteller;This rubric will give you some idea what Ill be looking for. Additional points for;creativity and/or attractiveness of presentation.;Students Names;CATEGORY;4 - Above Standards;3 - Meets Standards;2 - Approaching Standards;1 - Bel;Position;Statement;The position;statement provides a;clear, strong statement;of the author's;position on the topic.;The position;A position statement is present, There i;statement provides a but does not make the the;statem;clear statement of the author's position clear.;author's position on;the topic.;Evidence and;Examples;All of the evidence;and examples are;specific, relevant and;explanations are given;that show how each;piece of evidence;supports the author's;position.;Most of the evidence;and examples are;specific, relevant and;explanations are;given that show how;each piece of;evidence supports;the author's position.;At least one of the pieces of;evidence and examples is;relevant and has an;explanation that shows how;that piece of evidence supports;the author's position.;Eviden;examp;relevan;not exp;Accuracy;All supportive facts;and statistics are;reported accurately.;Almost all;supportive facts and;statistics are reported;accurately.;Most supportive facts and;statistics are reported;accurately.;Most s;and sta;inaccu;Sources;All sources used for;quotes, statistics and;All sources used for;quotes, statistics and;Most sources used for quotes;statistics and facts are credible;Many s;suspec;facts are credible and;cited correctly.;facts are credible and;most are cited;correctly.;and cited correctly.;AND/O;cited c;Grammar;Spelling;Author makes no;errors in grammar or;spelling that distract;the reader from the;content.;Author makes 1-2;errors in grammar or;spelling that distract;the reader from the;content.;Author makes 3-4 errors in;grammar or spelling that;distract the reader from the;content.;Author;than 4;gramm;that dis;from th;Sentence;Structure;All sentences are;well-constructed with;varied structure.;Most sentences are;well-constructed and;there is some varied;sentence structure in;the essay.;Most sentences are well;constructed, but there is no;variation is structure.;Most s;not we;or vari;Each group member will also complete a self evaluation of their own contribution to the;learning of the group and the final product.


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