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Electrocardiogram and pulse wave




Electrocardiogram and pulse wave;Attachments Preview;assignment 1.docx Download Attachment;QUESTIONS;1.;What does the Q-R-S complex signify in terms of cardiac physiology? and what is pulse wave signify?;2.;How does the heart rate compare from the subject at rest and at 0, 60, and 120 sec after exercise;(recovery) compare? Is there any variation between the rates for each time period? Is there a trend;and what is it?;3.;How does the average R-wave amplitude change from resting to post-exercise (recovery)? Do you see;any variation or trend?;4.;What does the average R-pulse interval signify in this experiment? How did it change from resting to;post-exercise? Do you see any variation or trend?;5.;How does the average pulse wave amplitude change from resting to post-exercise? Do you see any;variation or trend?


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