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Phenotype and Genotype Questions




Phenotype and Genotype Questions;see attached upload;Attachment Preview;Phenotype Genotype-exercise.rtf Download Attachment;Lab Report;Name: Kwesi;Section;Phenotype and Genotype;Exercise 1 Observing Phenotype Characteristics;Record your personal phenotype and possible genotypes in Data Table 1 for each of the;following traits.;Data Table 1 Phenotype and Genotype;Trait;Dimpled Chin;Free Ear Lobe;Phenotype;Genotype from;Parent A;Phenotype;Genotype from;Parent B;dimpled chin;Dd;attached ear lobe;aa;Ability to Taste;PTC Strips;ability to taste;Interlocking;Fingers;right thumb over left;Mid-digital Hair;Bent Little Finger;Widows Peak;Pp;ff;hair on joints;HH;little finger bends;Bb;straight hairline;ww;Hitchhikers;Thumb;bent thumb;Blue or Green;Eyes;green eyes;Rolled Tongue;TT;ee;rolled tongue;Ll;Prepared Punnett Squares;1;Offspring;There are 20 squares provided, two for each trait. Use these Punnett squares to show both the;genotype and phenotype ratios for each of the traits.;Dimpled Chin;Parent A;Pare;nt B;Free;Ear lobe;Parent A;Parent A;Pare;nt B;Parent A;PTC Strips;Parent A;Pare;nt B;Parent A;Pare;nt B;Mid-digital;hair;Free;Ear lobe;Pare;nt B;Pare;nt B;Interlocking;fingers;Parent A;Pare;nt B;Pare;nt;B;PTC Strips;Dimpled Chin;Interlocking;fingers;Parent A;Pare;nt B;Parent A;Mid-digital;hair;Pare;nt B;Parent A;Lab Report;Bent Little;Finger;Name: Kwesi;Section;Parent A;Bent Little;Finger;Pare;nt B;Widows Peak;Pare;nt B;Parent A;Widows Peak;Pare;nt B;Hitchhikers;Thumb;Parent A;Hitchhikers;Thumb;Parent A;Pare;nt B;Parent A;Blue or Green;Eyes;Pare;nt B;Rolled;Tongue;Parent A;Pare;nt B;Pare;nt B;Blue or Green;Eyes;Parent A;Parent A;Pare;nt B;Parent A;Rolled;Tongue;Pare;nt B;Pare;nt B;3;Parent A;Questions;1.;As Parent B, how many recessive traits did you express? What were they?;2. As Parent B, how many dominant traits did you express? What were they?;3. As Parent B, what is the likelihood or chances of you passing a dominant allele onto;your offspring for the following traits;a. Dimpled chin;b. Free ear lobe;c. Ability to taste PTC;d. Brown eyes;4. What is the likelihood or chances of your offspring receiving a recessive allele for the;following traits;a. Widows peak;b. Hitchhikers thumb;c. Green eyes;d. Rolled tongue;5. While the traits studied in Exercise 1 were hypothetical genetic traits, what type of;genetic traits do you think are important to study and predict?;Lab Report;Name: Kwesi;Section;5


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