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Critical thinking questions....upload attached;CRITICAL THINKING QUESTIONSPHENOTYPE;GENOTYPE;1. A mad scientist noted that genetic traits for seeds are noted as follows: L = long, w =;wrinkled, R= ribbed, l=short, W=smooth, y=white, r=grooved and Y=yellow. What would be;the possible genotypes for a short, ribbed, white, wrinkled seed?;2. Unlike pea plants, corn may be self-or-cross pollinated by pollen dispersed by the wind.;Many farmers plant hybrid varieties of corn. What is a hybrid? What are the disadvantages;of self pollination? Can hybrids be produced if plants are allowed to self pollinate, why or;why not?;3. Two white sheep produce a black offspring. What must the parents? genotype for color be?;What is the possibility that a cross between two of the black offspring will be white? Explain;how you determined your answer.;4. Tim and Jan both have freckles (a dominant trait), but their son Michael does not. Show with;a Punnett square how this is possible. If Tim and Jan have another child, what is the;probability that it will have freckles?;Is fuel cell a technology that will transform our lives in the near future? What are the merits and problems that may be associated with its use in most products starting with cars, homes, etc?


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