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What is the mechanism that generates this diversity




i need the answer like the first time,answer with explain,please i need the same tutor;Attachment Preview;LU6 PS.docx Download Attachment;Question 1;1.;Many of the larger DNA viruses are able to enhance viral protein translation by coding for;ribosomes that selectively translate viral proteins.;Answer;True;False;2 points;Question 2;1.;A viral messenger RNA has the following sequence;AUG AGU GGG GCC CAU GGG AAA CCC AGG UUU;The following proteins are produced;MetAsnGlyAlaHisGlyLysProArgPhe;MetGlyAsnProGly;What is the mechanism that generates this diversity?;Answer;A. Polyprotein Synthesis;B. Leaky;Scanning;of Termination;D. Ribosomal frameshift;C. Suppression;2 points;Question 3;1.;Some viruses are able to initiate translation at sites other than AUG(Methionine)?;Answer;True;False;2 points;Question 4;1.;A viral messenger RNA has the following sequence;AUG AGU GGG GCC CAU GGG AAA CCC AGG UUU;The following proteins are produced;MetAsnGlyAlaHisGlyLysProArgPhe;MetAsnGlyAlaProTrpGluThrGlnVal;What is the mechanism of diversity in translation of this viral mRNA?;Answer;A. Ribosomal Frameshift;B. Leaky;Scanning;C. Reinitiation;D. Suppression of Termination;2 points;Question 5;1.;The genomes of (+) RNA viruses can be translated immediately upon cellular entry, even though they do not possess a 5';7-methylguanosine cap due to the presence of this structure at the 5' end of the genome [x].;Answer;2 points;Question 6;1.;Most viral infections induce activation of the eIF2a kinase PKR which halts protein translation in;an infected cell. Which of the following mechanims enable viruses to evade the antiviral effects;of PKR (Select all that apply)?;Answer;A Viral.;B. Viral;protein inhibits eIF2a phosphatase.;proteins inhibit dsRNA binding to PKR;produces its own kinase that phsophorylates eIF2a.;Viral protein binds to PKR dsRNA binding site and activates PKR autophosphorylation.;C. Virus;D.;E. Viral;proteins act as pseudo-substrates that inhibit PKR kinase activity;2 points;Question 7;1.;Describe how picornaviruses are able to produce multiple proteins from a single mRNA (Limit;3-5 sentences).;Answer;PressTabtoenterthecontenteditor.Forthetoolbar,pressALT+F10(PC)orALT+FN+F10(Mac).;Path: p;Words:0;2 points;Question 8;1.;The figure below depicts an SDS-PAGE protein gel in which total cell protein is visualized at;various time points after a viral infection. The protein bands labeled 1A, 2 and VP3 are all viral;proteins. Explain in 2-4 sentences what is occurring in this figure and why it is advantageous to;the virus;Answer;PressTabtoenterthecontenteditor.Forthetoolbar,pressALT+F10(PC)orALT+FN+F10(Mac).;Path: p;Words:0;2 points;Question 9;1.;Match the following with the translation initiation complex;Answer;A;B;C;Answer;Cellular;A.;Translation;Initiation Complex;Read Answer Items for B.;Question 9;C.;Picornavirus;Translation;Initiation Complex;Read Answer Items for;Question 9;Flavivirus/Hepatitis;C Virus Translation;Initiation Complex;Read Answer Items for;Question 9;2 points;Question 10;1.;The figure below demonstrates various mechanisms viruses have evolved to inhibit translation of;host proteins. Describe in 2-3 sentences each how the picornavirus 3C protein and the HIV;protease inhibit cellular host translation.;Answer;PressTabtoenterthecontenteditor.Forthetoolbar,pressALT+F10(PC)orALT+FN+F10(Mac).;Path: p;Words:0;2 points


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