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In rabbits, chocolate colored fur (w+) is dominant to white fur, straight fur (c+) is dominant to;curly fur (c), and long ear (s+) is dominant to short ear (s). The cross of a trihybrid rabbit with;straight, chocolate colored fur and long ears to a rabbit that has white, curly fur and short ears;produces the following results;Phenotype;Number;White, short, straight;13;Chocolate, long, straight;165;Chocolate, long, curly;13;White, long, straight;82;Chocolate, short, straight;436;Chocolate, short, curly;79;White, short curly;162;White, long, curly;450;Total number;1400;a. Determine the order of the genes on the chromosomes and identify the alleles that are;present on each of the homologuous chromosomes in the trihybrid rabbits.;b. Calculate the recombination frequencies between each of the adjacent pairs of genes.;c. Determine the interference value for this c


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