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Cell membrane Transport




Hi tagarwal;Cell membrane Transport - Critical Thinking Question is attached below;CRITICAL THINKING QUESTIONS-;CELL MEMBRANE TRANSPORT;1. The dialysis tubing used in this experiment represents a cellular membrane. Knowing this, discuss what properties of the cell membrane were tested during this experiment. Specifically examine what molecule(s) crossed the membrane and what molecule(s) were prevented from crossing the membrane and why.;2. Survival courses train individuals that when stranded at sea they should never drink the salt water. Why is the intake of salt water detrimental to health and how does this relate to your laboratory experience with osmosis?;3. Freshwater protozoa, which are unicellular organisms, have a greater concentration of salt inside them than does the surrounding water. Does water diffuse into or out of the protozoa? Explain why this would happen and what protective measures the protozoa should take to prevent injury or death.


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