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Forensic Biology




BIO 320 Forensic Biology;are you able to complete this.;first part is a PowerPoint and second part is a 5-7 page paper. If so please let me know from the list which topic you choose. List is located towards the bottom of page 1 and end on page 2.;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Only answer needed;Other Requirements: Powerpoint with fully detailed narration (detailed text in the Notes section that include citations). The Powerpoint presentation could be based on a case study or crime scene investigation, or be based on any of the topics provided below. The PowerPoint presentation must also meet the Research Paper criteria discussed below.;-Case Study;-Crime Scene Investigation;-Conventional 5-7 page paper;-Training document for investigators;-Communication report to stakeholders;-Investigative Report for a fictional newspaper;-Educational materials to be used by high school teachers (includes lecture notes for the teacher and hands-on learning activities for high school students);-Public service announcement to inform the public about one of the topics below (provide all the text and reference sources, must still meet all the criteria for the paper described below);The Final Research Paper should be 7 well-written double spaced pages. This paper will be between 5-7 full, double-spaced pages (excluding the reference section) and must be your own work. You will be expected to demonstrate an in-depth and clear understanding of the topic you select.;View full expert interaction


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