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Cancer is a devastating disease that can occur throughout the body




Survival Analysis;Cancer is a devastating disease that can occur throughout the body. However, given the advancement in medicine, there are certain procedures that can help increase a person?s chance of surviving a particular type of cancer. Whenever a cancer has been detected, it is required that the physician input the patient information in one of the national cancer registries. The two main U.S. databases include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?s National Program of Cancer Registries (NPCR) and the U.S. National Cancer Institute?s Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Program (SEER). This information helps epidemiologists and others determine the prevalence, morbidity, and mortality of a particular type of cancer as well as cancer survivorship.;For this assignment, you will use Fast Stats, (National Cancer Institute. (n.d.). Fast stats [Interactive tool]. Retrieved from;National Cancer Institute. (n.d.). State cancer profiles [Interactive tool]. Retrieved from an interactive tool that allows for quick access to national cancer statistics provided by the SEER program. Follow the steps below to collect data so you can complete a cancer profile for a particular type of cancer;? From the Fast Stats homepage, select ?View Statistics Stratified by?? and then click the Cancer Site link.;? Select a particular type of cancer (by cancer site) as well as gender, age, and race/ethnicity. You will compare these variables for your cancer profile. The type of cancer will remain constant.;? Utilize the ?Data Type? and ?Statistic Type? variables on the ?Statistics Stratified by Cancer Site? page as well as your selected cancer site and gender, age, and race/ethnicity to gather various statistics about your selected cancer type.;Submit a one- to three-page Word document or one- to three-slide PowerPoint presentation (excluding title and reference pages/slides) that profiles the type of cancer you selected. Your profile should include an introduction and conclusion, as well as correct APA citations for any resources used. It must contain a brief synopsis of the type of cancer as well as statistics on gender, age, and race/ethnicity. Address the following in your profile;? Describe your data and give a brief synopsis of the type of cancer you selected.;? Give the current survival rates for your selected cancer.;? Does the survival rate for your selected cancer differ by race/ethnicity, gender, and age? If so, what are those differences?;? Are there procedures available that can help improve a person?s chance of survival for the cancer you selected?;? List at least one risk factor that has been found to be associated with this cancer.;? Additionally, use the National Cancer Institutes? State Cancer Profiles interactive tool to determine the prevalence of your selected cancer type across the United States.


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