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A girl developed generalized seizures




1. A girl developed generalized seizures. A CT scan revealed a single brain lesion con sistent with a tumor. Biopsy of the lesion showed a cysticercus. The patient lived;in South Carolina and had never traveled outside the state. What parasite caused;her disease? How is this disease transmitted? How might it be prevented?;2. A California farmer developed a low- grade fever, myalgia, and cough. A chest Xray exam revealed an infiltrate in the lung. Microscopic examination of the sputum;revealed round, budding cells. A sputum culture grew mycelia and arthroconidia.;What organism is most likely the cause of the symptoms? What is causing the;mans disease? How is this disease transmitted? How might it be prevented?;3. A teenaged male in California complained of remittent fever, chills, and headaches.;A blood smear revealed ring- shaped cells in his red blood cells. He was success fully treated with primaquine and chloroquine. The patient lives near the San Luis;Rey River and has no history of foreign travel, blood transfusion, or intravenous;drug use. What is the disease? How was it acquired?;4. Why are algae important in nature? How are algae, fungi and lichens related and;how is this relationship defined? Explain how the presence of algae can indicate;either pollution or productivity of a body


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