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An employee at a prestigious institute observes




Name: ________________ Spring 2014 Biol 320 Quiz 1 DUE: February 12 2014.;GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR QUIZ IN THIS FILE FORMAT;LASTNAME_Q1.DOC OR LASTNAME_Q1.DOCX.;Part I INSTRUCTIONS: Highlight, fill in the blank or box for the first section. Each;answer is worth 2 point. DO NOT REMOVE ANY ANSWER!;1.;An employee at a prestigious institute observes often that geese appear to;defecate only on the sidewalk. If the employee had the time to investigate this;further using the scientific method, what would be the employees best next step?;a.;b.;c.;d.;e.;2.;experiment;conclusion;hypothesis;analysis;none of the above;If the acidity of the solution is increased then the Hydrogen ion concentration;increases.;a.;b.;True;False;3.;Match this antibody with the correct antigen?;4.;T or F. The pH of lime juice is around 4.0 and that of bicarbonate solution;around 8.0, the difference is 4 meaning that beer is10000 times more acidic;than seawater.;5.;T or F. The atomic mass number equals the number of neutrons plus the number;of electrons.;6.;Which of the following tests are inappropriately matched?;a.;b.;c.;d.;e.;ELISA: immunoassay;Christmas Tree Stain: sperm;Luminol: pineapple juice;PSA: semen;None of the above;7.;Which of the following is correct for fingerprints?;a.;b.;c.;8.;Fingerprints identification is based on a hierarchy containing six levels.;Fingerprints are an identifier, that always changes over time.;Matches between known and unknown fingerprints are ascertained at the;level of minutiae.;d.;The Henry system classifies fingerprints through assigning values to;loops on different fingers.;e.;All of the above;Which of the following statements concerning blood typing is incorrect?;a.;b.;c.;d.;e.;9.;Enzymes contained in the ________________ are involved in the transcription of;ribosomal RNA.;a.;b.;c.;d.;e.;10.;basic acid.;fatty acid.;nucleic acid.;no such combination exists in life as we learnt it.;A complete autopsy report includes;a.;b.;c.;d.;13.;the chromosomes align in the middle of the cell.;cytokinesis proceeds.;the chromosome condense and become visible.;a cell grows and duplicates its DNA.;If a biological molecule contains a six carbon sugar, base and phosphate, then it;is most likely a;a.;b.;c.;d.;12.;smooth endoplasmic reticulum;nucleus;phagozome;nucleolous;vacuole;Prophase is part of the cell cycle when?;a.;b.;c.;d.;11.;An individual with blood type O produces antigens to blood Type AB and;Type B.;Both antigens and antibodies are found in the plasma.;Type B blood produces antibodies against Type A.;Agglutination is the term used to describe a positive blood antigen-blood;type reaction.;Type O is the universal donor.;the manner and cause of death.;the results of both external and internal autopsy;a toxicology report;all of the above.;Which of the following is matched correctly?;a.;b.;c.;d.;14.;Which of the following tests is specifically and directly tests for spermatozoa (pick;all that apply)?;a.;b.;c.;d.;15.;True;False;It is possible for a man with blood type A+ and a woman with blood type B+ to;produce a child with blood type O+.;a.;b.;17.;PSA test;the Christmas tree stain;microscopic detection of sperm;acid phosphatase test;The abdomen of an insect contains spiracles, which are similar in function to our;nostrils.;a.;b.;16.;ricin: Poland assassination attempt;belladonna: ugly woman;methamphetamine: Breaking Bad;hemlock: Aristotle;True;False;Oxidative phosphorylation is a _______ _______, that uses energy to produce;a. electron donor, potential energy;b. metabolic pathway, adenosine triphosphate;c. ATP synthesis, free radicals;d. light source, potential energy;18.;Flourescent dyes or chemicals are used to detect fingerprints on paper.;a.;True;b.;False;19.;Latent fingerprints can be detected by fuming with super glue.;a.;b.;20.;Which of the following pairs can be used to determine sex and stature;a.;b.;c.;d.;21.;True;False;skull and metacarpals;pubis symphysis and skull;femur and skull;skull and sciatic notch;Which of the following bones ARE useful in determining sex?;a.;b.;c.;d.;22.;An insect that is known to infest a corpse later and clean it to the bone is the;a.;b.;c.;d.;23.;cheese skipper;dermestid beetle;blow fly;blue fly;If the time to reach the end of the first instar is 3 h at 25 deg C, then the ADH;is;a.;b.;c.;d.;24.;fourth left rib;pelvis;femur;skull;69 deg-hours;75 deg-hour;3425 deg-hours;850 deg-hours;Where does most of the absorption of alcohol take place?;a. The stomach;b. The lungs;c. The lower part of the large intestine;d. The upper part of the small intestine;25.;The medical examiner is allowed to make the determination of time of death.;a.;b.;True;False;Part II (each correct answer is worth 1 point);26.;Given the following list of reactants and products of a hydrolysis reaction, which;is the breaking down of larger molecules by adding water to disrupt a bond;match the correct reactant with the correct product?;Reactants;A. Starch;B. Poly(glycine)40;C. Enzymes;D. RNA;E. Triglycerides;27.;Products;Glycine;Nucleotides;Glucose;Glycerol and fatty acids;Amino Acids;What are the building blocks of the following polymers?;Polymer;DNA;Protein;Starch;Cellulose;RNA;Building Block;Answer;PART III: Short Answer/Essay. The following are worth 10 points.;23.;What is the difference between presumptive test and comfirmatory test in;a crime scene? Provide and example of each?;24.;Define whether the following would be considered a toxin or a poison, and;provide information on what is lethal dose versus a medicinal dose.;Substance;Toxin or Poison;Nonlethal;Lethal;Medical Use if;any;Morphine;Scopolamine;Curare;Botox;Cobra Venom;24.;A mass grave was unearthed and only four skulls, three pelvises, and;several long bones were intact, the remaining skeletal parts were demolished;beyond recognition. About two years ago, a family of five on vacation;disappeared and there last known whereabouts was in this wilderness area;where they were thought to be camping. Given these items how might you;process in determine the sex, age and stature of the possible victims and;whether these comprised a family unit based on forensic anthropology only;this means no DNA. This is basically a logic exercise.;25. Police found two partially decomposed bodies in Stone Mountain Park, GA.;The temperature was between 80-90 F for the past two weeks, wind 0 -5 mph;and no precipitation. Both were infested with maggots. In one, maggots not only;resided in the standard places, but also in unusually places like the arms and the;palms of the hands, in the other individual, the lower half of the naked body was;wrapped. You are called to the possible crime scene. Explain why the two;individuals displayed different displays of maggot infestation? Explain how you;would determine the post mortem interval.;View Full Attachment


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