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Please help me on these genetics questions! Thank you very much:);Attachment Preview;Assignment - 2.doc Download Attachment;Assignment 1;Name;1.A;heterozygous pea plant that has yellow round seeds is allowed to self-fertilize. What;is the probability that an offspring will have, yellow round seeds, green round seeds;or yellow wrinkled seeds? Show using a Punnett square.;2.A;pea plant is heterozygous for three genes (Aa,Pp,Yy),axial flower position, purple;color of flower and yellow color of seed. If this plant is self-fertilized, what are the;predicted phenotypes of the offspring and what fraction of the offspring will occur in;each category?;1;3.What;is the probability of two tall (Tt) parents having a tall first child among three;offsprings.?;4.What;is the probability that two of six kids of heterozygous tall parents will be tall?;5. A cross was made between a dwarf plant with white flowers and tall one with red;flowers. The F1 generation had tall plants with red flowers. The F2 generation had the;following plant morphologies in the following numbers;200 tall plants with red flowers;59 tall plants with white flowers;47 dwarf plants with red flowers;23 dwarf plants with white flowers;Choose the hypothesis that is consistent with the given data and check the goodness;of fit between the data and your hypothesis. Explain your results.;2;6. Explain the type of inheritance pattern that is evident when two pure breeding corn;varieties that have white seeds produce purple seeded corn in the F 1 generation? What is;the F2 ratio when the F1 plants are self fertilized? Illustrate with a Punnett Square.;3;7. Predict the outcome of a cross between a tan seed coat color (AAbb) and gray (aaBB);seed coat color in lentils, (aabb) forms green coated lentils. Explain how the coat color;morphology is inherited.;4


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