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In Mendel?s experiments with pea plants




1. In Mendel’s experiments with pea plants, one of the keys to his success was his ability to take experimental data showing the number of individuals in each phenotypic class, and to transform it into a meaningful ratio (ie a ratio containing only integers, or whole numbers). For the following dihybrid or trihybrid data sets, each number separated by a comma indicates the number of individuals in different phenotypic classes. For each example, indicate the most likely ratio underlying the experimental numbers and indicate the genotypes of the parents (you can use A/a, B/b, C/c etc to signify different genes and their alleles). Show all work on a supplemental page. 1.5 pts



a. 1817, 611, 599, 202.



b. 417, 398, 401, 433



c. 127, 117, 125, 135, 130, 132, 114, 133


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