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Leadership in the 21st Century Final Exam




MGMT 592 Leadership in the 21st Century Final Exam;1. (TCO A) You have been promoted to a leadership position in a multi-national organization.;List and explain the managerial roles you need to perform.;2. (TCO B) You are the manager of a department. You need to motivate your people to improve;productivity so the department can meet its budget. You decide to use the reinforcement theory;of motivation. Explain this theory and how you would apply it.;3. (TCO C) You lead a division of a company, and notice sales revenues are falling. You decide;to motivate the sales force. You can use either personal power or position power. Explain the;difference between the two. Which will you use in this case, and why?;4. (TCO D) After successfully completing your goals, the organization promotes you to lead a;larger team with members of different backgrounds and ability. Recognizing that this is your first;experience with such a team, the organization assigns a veteran as your coach. At your first;meeting with the coach, he suggests you learn all about the Path-Goal Leadership Model.;Explain this model and how it is relevant to managing a diverse team.;5. TCO E) You lead a virtual team, with members working from different locations in U.S. and;other countries. Your team needs to succeed, and your future assignments depend on how well;they work together. How will you ensure their timely cooperation and contribution?;6. On your next leadership assignments, you notice that your subordinates, peers, and executives;are from four different generations. What opportunities would you expect? What challenges;should you prepare for?;7. A colleague tells you about her plans for crisis response, and asks what you think of such;plans. Why do organizations need a comprehensive crisis response plan?;8. (TCO H) At your new position as a mid-level manager, you need to interact with subordinates;peers, and higher-level executives who are new to you. To help you understand the various;approaches each person takes in managing their interactions, you ask for coaching from your;new supervisor. He suggests you learn about the five conflict management styles. What are these;which will you adopt, and why?


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