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What are the two parts of the cardiovascular system




1. What are the two parts of the cardiovascular system, and what are the functions of each part? In your opinion what is the most important?;2. Which of the three types of blood vessels are most numerous? Explain the importance of this?;3. What is the function of the septum in the heart? What would happen if the heart had a hole at;the septum? Can you explain the solution to this problem?;4. Describe the association between high blood pressure and a heart attack. Describe the relationship between diet and high blood pressure and types of diet in the prevention of an Heart attack.;5. What internal features allow the right and left sides of the heart to work indepently? What cellular features allow the heart to function as a unit?;6. In few words explain how does the heart's external structure allow it to function as a double pump?;7. Describe the heart valves and briefly explain the functions.;8. What happen if one principal coronary artery is clogged? What kind of measure you know dissolving blood clots?;9. In a small group, discuss the common cardiac risk factors and then develop a plan for improving cardiac health. What is the value of aerobic conditioning?;10. What cardiovascular disorders are common in humans? Describe 3 conditions.


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