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When designing, analyzing, and reading epidemiology assignments




When designing, analyzing, and reading epidemiology assignments it is important that you understand the variables that are being used in the study. It is also important that you are able to distinguish how the variables are defined and which ones represent the independent and dependent variables.;Read the ?Training Community Health Workers: Factors that Influence Mammography Use? article from the ProQuest database below and address the following;(reference) Kratzke, C., Garzon, L., Lombard, J., & Karlowicz, K. (2010). Training community health workers: Factors that influence mammography use. Journal of Community Health, 35(6), 683-8. Retrieved from the ProQuest database.;? Explain the difference between independent and dependent variables.;? What is the independent variable in the article? What is the dependent variable?;? State the hypothesis of the study in the article. How were the variables defined?;? Is it important for health care administrators and managers to understand how these types of variables are utilized in research? Why or why not?


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