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Assignment in (Management Information Technology);Use the textbook;Rainer, R. (2013). Introduction to Information Systems [VitalSouce;bookshelf version]. Retrieved from;;Answer the following questions after you read the particular chapter of the;textbook or from trusted site on the Internet (No Wiki or similar);Minimum words for each part are 350 words.;Part1;From;Chapter 2: Organizational Strategy, Competitive Advantage, and;Information Systems;A. Is IT a strategic weapon or a survival tool? Discuss.;B. Discuss the idea that an information system by itself can rarely;provide a sustainable competitive advantage.;Part2;From;Chapter 3: Ethics and Privacy;A. In 2008, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA);obtained a temporary restraining order barring three Massachusetts;Institute of Technology (MIT) students from publicly displaying what;they claimed to be a way to get free subway rides for life.;Specifically, the 10-day injunction prohibited the students from;revealing vulnerabilities of the MBTA's fare card. The students were;scheduled to present their findings in Las Vegas at the DEFCON;computer hacking conference. Were the students' actions legal? Were;their actions ethical? Discuss your answer from the students;perspective then from the perspective of the MBTA.;B. Frank Abagnale, the criminal played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the;motion picture Catch Me If You Can, ended up in prison. After he left;prison, however, he worked as a consultant to many companies on;matters of fraud.;(a);(b);Why do these companies hire the perpetrators (if caught) as;consultants? Is this a good idea?;You are the CEO of a company. Discuss the ethical;implications of hiring Frank Abagnale as a consultant.;Part 3;From;Chapter 4: Information Security;Technology Guide 3: Cloud Computing;Technology Guide 5: Protecting Your Information Assets;A. Is security a technical issue? A business issue? Both? Support your;answer.(Hint: Read Kim Nash, Why Technology Isn't the Answer to;Better Security, CIO (, October 15, 2008.);Source: Why Technology Isn't the Answer to Better Security: CIO.;Retrieved from;;r_To_Better_Security;B. If you were the chief information officer (CIO) of a firm, how would;you explain the workings, benefits, and limitations of cloud;computing?


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