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module 4 question 2:2:2014.doc Download Attachment;This discussion activity gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of classification in general and;microbial diversity in particular.;Please respond thoughtfully and in your own words to the following discussion questions, being sure to back up;each statement of fact with cited sources. Your response to each question should be at least 125 words.;1. What were the historical limitations of previous classification systems that led to and;are solved by the three domain system that is in use today?;2. Why is the gene coding for ribosomal RNA (rRNA) used for establishing phylogenetic relationships and how does this compare to previous methods for placing or ganisms in appropriate taxa?;3. What are the factors that limit our ability to fully classify and understand microbial;diversity and what implications do these challenges have for environmental and;health management?;In addition, thoughtfully and objectively critique responses from two of your peers. Be specific in your critique. If;you find something your peer said to be interesting, then state specifically why. If you find an error in something;your peer said, then politely point out the error and cite the sources supporting your statement. Be sure to focus your;critique on the facts presented and how well those facts support their statement and not on the person, their style of;writing, or their grammar or punctuation. In your response, be sure to avoid saying anything that may be interpreted;as opinion. Note: opinion is not asked for in any of these questions.;View Full Attachment


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