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How do you create a financial Model of the Dell Co...




How do you create a financial Model of the Dell Company for a 5 year projection, with all this information included? If I chose to be Michael Dell, how will I argue my stance to purchase Dell at a $13.65 per share? See doc for full circumstances and assignment. a) You must come up with a value per share as to what the Dell is worth. This means 5 years of projections, discount rate and termination value. (You can go year by year rather than month by month.) You also need to research comparable sales to determine what the termination value should be. b) You must understand Dell?s current business and the prospects for the personal computer business. Is the value per share offered by Michael Dell sufficient to cover current risks as well as future opportunities? c) Why do Mr. Dell and Silver Lake want to buy Dell Inc.? What is the status of Dell Inc.?s product portfolio and can they produce competitive products? g) Are there any other risks or liabilities that need to be considered? Employees? Environmental? Please think through both the numerical arguments for your position as well as the subjective arguments.


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