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I need help writing a memorandum! I don't know what to say in the introduction.;Attachment Preview;Specialty Design Firm, LLC.doc Download Attachment;Memorandum;To;Managing Organizational Behavior Students;CC;From: Dr. RJ Shea;Date: 10/17/2014;Re;Guidance for Case Study #1;I wrote this memorandum to provide guidance on preparing your case analysis for;Managing Organizational Behavior. This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment, where you;are to take the role of a management consultant giving advice to Specialty Design Firm;LLC. Page Two of this memo contains the case study on Specialty Design Firm, LLC;and questions requiring your response. You should write your case analysis in the form;of a professional business memorandum. I provide an example of a business;memorandum here. The language in your memo should be formal. You should be;using the motivational theories in Chapters 7 and 8 of your textbook to support your;suggestions to the Specialty Design Firm, LLC. The goal of this assignment is two-fold;1) to demonstrate your ability to understand various motivation theories and apply them;to the business scenario presented in the case, and 2) demonstrate your ability to write as;a business professional. You should submit your final memo on Moodle by midnight on;Friday, October 17, 2014.;Your memorandum should be complete but concise, approximately two to three pages;single-spaced. Make sure you answer all the questions asked. Your response should not;be in question and answer format, but in paragraph form. You may use headings to;structure your memorandum for easier reading. You should proofread your;memorandum to assure no grammatical or spelling errors. I suggest using The Elements;of Style (Strunk & White, 2009) as a guide if you require assistant with grammar and;writing style. Be sure your memorandum has an opening sentence orienting the reader;as to why you are writing this memorandum and a closing sentence or two summarizing;your suggestions to Specialty Design Firm, LLC.;I hope that this guide is helpful. If you have questions please ask.;REFERENCES;Strunk, W. & White, E.B. (2009). The Elements of Style (5th Ed.). Boston: Allyn and;Bacon.;1;October 17, 2014;MGMT 302 Managing Organizational Behavior;Specialty Design Firm, LLC Case Study on Motivation Theories;Specialty Design Firm, LLC (SDF, LLC) is looking for your assistance in managing;several of their employment practices. The firm is a small, but growing, specialty;design firm serving the greater New York area. Lisa Nero owns the firm. She has a;bachelors degree in interior design from the Fashion Institute of Technology and an;MBA in Organizational Behavior. She believes in using evidence-based management;and established theories to motivate her employees. The company is doing well, and;currently has two designers, in addition to Lisa. Business is expanding to the point that;Lisa just hired a third designer as she knows she and her employees will need greater;interaction with the firms clients than the firm has in the past.;Lisa Nero provided the following information during a preliminary meeting regarding;this consulting engagement.;Carol, a new college graduate, is starting at Specialty Design Firm, LLC next week. She;has a flare for eastern art and said she felt it was fate that brought her to SDF, LLC.;Due to rising market pay rates in the firms, Lisa had to offer Carol a slightly higher pay;rate than the other two highly productive existing designers, Chris and Pat. They are;both aware of the average pay in their field.;Chris and Pat have both been with SDF, LLC for several years and both are good;creative workers whom Lisa wants to retain. Both like their jobs and do not see their;positions as a stepping-stone, but as a long-term career. Chris is a single parent of two;young children. Her retired mother lives nearby and has childcare responsibility. Chris;attends night classes at the local college where she is trying to finish her degree at the;lowest possible cost. She is quiet and dedicated to her family, and seems to have highefficacy. Pat is outgoing, single, and loves to travel and socialize. He is an avid athlete;who loves to participate in marathons and Iron Man competitions.;Lisa Nero has requested you to provide a training program for her new employee Carol.;In addition, Lisa is concerned about the level of motivation of her employees with the;addition of the third designer. She is asking you to use the following theories to;determine issues she should be aware of with her employees and recommendations to;maximize employee motivation. You should provide at least a paragraph for each;analysis.;2;October 17, 2014;You should answer the following questions using the theories noted in your memo;Training program suggestions using Self-Efficacy Theory;Using Self-Efficacy theory as a basis, how would you design a training program;for SDF, LLCs new employee, Carol?;Please address Motivational Level concerns using each of the following theories;Equity Theory;What does equity theory predict will be the relative motivational levels of the;three designers?;Using equity theory as a basis, how might each of the three designers be;motivated to act at work?;Expectancy Theory;What does expectancy theory predict about the motivational levels of your three;designers?;Using expectancy theory as a basis, what could Lisa do to maximize each;designers motivation?;Organizational Justice;Using an organizational justice framework (distributive, procesrual and;interactional justice), what concerns might Lisa have regarding the motivational;levels of the three designers?;What could Lisa do to maximize each designers motivation based on;organizational justice?;Job Characteristics Model;How should Lisa design/redesign the jobs of the three designers to maximize;their satisfaction and motivation, based on the Job Characteristics Model?;3;View Full Attachment;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 2;Max Pages: 3;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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