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Weedy plants that are resistant to the herbicide atrazine




1.Weedy plants that are resistant to the herbicide atrazine have a single amino acid substitution in the gene psbA that results in the replacement of a serine with an alanine in the polypeptide. Is the base change in the psbA gene that results in this amino acid replacement a transition or a transversion?;2.How many amino acids can replace tyrosine by a single base substitution?;3.Is the sickle cell mutation a nonsense, missense or silent mutation?;4.How can mutations be repaired?;5.Briefly explain how cancer arises through clonal evolution.;6.What is the difference between a tumor suppressor gene and an oncogene?;7.Cancer can arise spontaneously, but can also be induced as a result of environmental factors such as sun exposure and smoking. If you were in charge of allocating resources for cancer prevention, would you emphasize research on cancer cures or education about cancer prevention?;8.Do you think testing for BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 mutations is a good idea? Why or why not?


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