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k, so I'm going to send you the info for my case study and you can tell me what your price point would be. It's all about McDonald's;Attachment Preview;Case Study Guide.doc Download Attachment;Financial Analysis of the McDonalds Company;Stock ticker symbol, exchange where traded;Address of company headquarters;Company phone number;Your name, etc.;PART 1, COMPANY OVERVIEW;a. Brief description of the company (one paragraph, briefly summarizing the companys;business);b. Company history (origin, major developments, etc.);c. Organization (describe how the company is structured);d. Main products and services (describe what the company sells, how it makes money);e. Geographic area of operations (describe where the company sells its products);f. Recent developments (list recent major news stories, if any);PART 2, FINANCIAL OVERVIEW;a. Sales and Income Record;------------- Fiscal Years ------------2008 2009 2010 2011 2012;-- Sales;-- Net Income;-- Percent change in;net income each year;-- Percent change in;sales each year;GRAPH OF SALES & NET INCOME, FY 2008 - 2012;-;-;-;(Plot Sales and Net Income for the;-;last five fiscal years on the graph);-;-;(Recommend you prepare the graph in Excel;-;then copy and paste it into the report);-;-;-;-|--------|---------|---------|---------;2008 2009 2010 2011 2012;COMMENTS: Comment on the trends you see in your numbers and on the graph.;Be sure to include comments! The numbers and the chart are meaningless by themselves.;Comment on what you see.;b. Expense Distribution;FY 2012;Major Expenses;(list the major expense categories;from the latest income statement);PIE CHART OF EXPENSES, FY 2012;Note Do not explode;the pie slices;COMMENTS: Comment on the companys expense distribution.;c. Assets Distribution;Year-end FY 2012;Assets;Cash;Accounts receivable;Inventory;Fixed Assets;Other Assets;PIE CHART OF ASSETS, Year-end FY 2012;COMMENTS: Comment on the companys asset distribution.;c. Capital Structure;Year-end FY 2012;Capital Structure;Current Liabilities;Long-term & Other Liabilities;Preferred Stock (if any);Common Equity;CAPITAL STRUCTURE PIE CHART, Year-end FY 2012;COMMENTS: Comment on the companys capital structure.;PART 3, RATIO ANALYSIS;(1) LIQUIDITY;FY 2011;FY 2012;Current Ratio;McDonalds;Wendys;Quick Ratio;McDonalds;Wendys;Comments On McDonalds Liquidity;Be sure to include comments! The numbers are meaningless by themselves. Comment;on what you see. What story do the numbers tell?;(2) ASSET MANAGEMENT;FY 2011;FY 2012;Total Asset Turnover;McDonalds;Wendys;Average Collection Period;McDonalds;Wendys;Comments On McDonalds Asset Management;(3) DEBT MANAGEMENT;FY 2011;FY 2012;Total Debt to Total Assets;McDonalds;Wendys;Times Interest Earned;McDonalds;Wendys;Comments On McDonalds Debt Management;(4) PROFITABILITY;FY 2011;FY 2012;Net profit Margin;McDonalds;Wendys;Return on Assets;McDonalds;Wendys;Return on Equity;McDonalds;Wendys;Modified Du Pont Equation, FY 2012;Net Profit Margin;Total Asset Turnover;Equity Multiplier;McDonalds;Wendys;Comments On McDonalds Profitability;(5) MARKET VALUE RATIOS;FY 2011;FY 2012;PE Ratio;McDonalds;Wendys;Market to Book Ratio;McDonalds;Wendys;Comments On McDonalds Market Value Ratios;PART 4, CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS;- Summarize your analysis. Review your comments in the financial analysis section and;provide your assessment of the overall status of the firm. Include any recommendations;you think are appropriate.;- List any other recommendations you have for the firm in view of your analysis.;* End of report Outline *


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