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Financial management and analysis




he analyst report is an interesting report that shows management performance each year. For this assignment you should demonstrate your understanding of each of the ten criteria(Margins, Profits, Emerg. Loans, Working Capital, Mkt Share Fore- casting, Cust. Sat., Productivity, Financial Structure, Wealth Creation.) Define each of the ten criteria in your own words, don't copy it and analyze what you are trying to do to improve your scores on each one. Also, give your predictions for your total score for each variable over the next 5 years.;1)why these ten criteria are important?;2)How my company (digby) did first 3 years?;3)how my company (digby) done so far?;4)give me your predictions for my company's score for each variable over the next 5 year (4.year-5.year-6.year-7.year-8. year);for this homework I m gonna give you my Capsim address and password because when u start to do this assignment you have to check it out for each criteria.;Attachment Preview;assignment-3.docx Download Attachment;The Analyst Report evaluates your company in ten categories of management performance. Categories are worth 100 points in the overall;annual evaluation of 1000 points.;Emerg. Working;Mkt;ForeCust. ProdFinancial;Wealth;Total;Co.;SimID;Rd Margins Profits Loans;Capital;Share casting Sat.;uctivity Structure;Creation;Points;Cumula.;Points;C67768;Digby 1;587;587;C67768;Digby 2;501;1,088;C67768;Digby 3;157;1,245;Points;= 0;= 10;= 20;= 30;= 40;= 50;= 60;= 70;= 80;= 90;= 100


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