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Describe in detail one approach, that you could use to isolate gene X




1. Describe in detail one approach, that you could use to isolate gene X (this is a single gene) that is expressed ONLY in the roots of a plant?;2. Overexpression of a tox1 gene in a soybean plant has resulted in overproduction of a toxin that causes lethality to the plants. You have been asked to devise a way to down regulate the expression of the tox1 gene. Clearly describe 2 ways in which you can reduce or eliminate the expression of this gene?;OR (NOTE: the choice is ONLY between Q2 or Q3, rest of the questions are required);3. A biotech company ViruX, has obtained jejunum samples from 6 nonhuman primates infected with a simian immunodeficiency virus. It appears that three of these monkeys were resistant to infection while the other 3 became quickly infected. You are hired by the company to help identify the genes that may be responsible with controlling viral infection in these monkeys. Explain how you would design the experiments (and what techniques you would use) to complete your assignment.;4. You have been assigned the task of developing a simple, sensitive and reproducible diagnostic test for a ds DNA virus that is devastating a regional maize crop. For control measures to be devised early detection of very low levels of the virus is necessary. Briefly explain how you would proceed with a diagnosis procedure and why you have chosen the approach you did?;5. A gene expression company is working on a viral infection site in the brain of monkeys to identify gene expression changes in that area. To do that they need a pure sample of infected cells from that site and then perform analysis on that. They also want to get the control sample from the same animal.;Clearly delineate a method that can be used for isolation of a pure population of infected cells from that brain site;Where/Which area will you isolate the control cells from;How will you identify genes that are specifically expressed in the viral infected area


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