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A farmer collects soil samples from the field




1. (7 points) A farmer collects soil samples from the field because she is curious about the possible microbes that might live there. Using a microscope she noticed two different kinds of cells: One is small with no separate internal structures, the other is much larger and contains several different internal structures. What are the names of the two types of cells? Describe two structures that are found in both types of cells and two structures that are only found in the larger type of cells.;2. (7 points) Syndrome X is an inherited disease that only develops in individuals who are homozygous recessive for gene X. An individual with Syndrome X has parents that do not have this disease. What is the parents? genotype for gene X? What is the probability that they may have another child with Syndrome X? Explain your answers.;3. (7 points) What type of ecosystems can be found in the area where you live? Describe a food web in one of these ecosystems and one example of how human activities have affected this ecosystem.;4. (7 points) Explain why it is a good choice environmentally to eat a vegetarian diet using what you have learned about energy transfer in food chains and the second law of thermodynamics. Include the following terms in your answer: herbivore, omnivore, trophic level, energy. Hint: think about the resources and energy used to produce different types of food.


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