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Economic stock market




First2Questions.pdf Download Attachment;Investments;The investment process follows a top-down approach by analyzing the economy and the stock market;then the industry, and finally the company. Specifically, analysis of the national economy, the stock;market and the industry should furnish the background knowledge we need to analyze companies in;order to select those that will offer investments providing satisfactory return commensurate with risk.;Thus, the main thrust of the company analysis is to examine present relationships that can be projected;into the future to determine what the growth and profitability of the company will be. In turn, the;purpose of your analysis is to determine if expected returns warrant purchasing common stock in the;company you are analyzing. The company analysis is being evaluated as a common stock investment;over a three-year time horizon.;STRUCTURE OF THE COMPANY ANALYSIS PAPER;Present a one-page analysis of the outlook for the national ^conomy and jhe_global economy.;This analysis will be for the three-year time horizon. The emphasis, like your second paper, is;on the short-term. In addition your analysis should also include a discussion of the outlook and;direction for the economy, national and global, in years two and three of your investment;horizon.;Present a one-page analysis of the outlook for the industry of the company you have selected, (jjn;This should be based upon a summary of the work thatyou did for the third paper.;Based upon our handout in support of this company analysis, our class discussions and our;textbook, analyze the company you have selected. Your objective is to determine if your;company's common stock potential reward is proportional to the risk. Specifically, be certain to;address the following areas


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