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Why is Bt corn of specific interest to Californian lepidopterists




Download the following article.;Milius, S. (1999). Bt-corn pollen can kill monarchs. Science News 155:21 (I have attached the article);Once you have read the article write an essay that provides a synopsis about the role of Bt corn in agriculture, and discussing the impact of Bt corn on Monarch butterflies. In your essay make sure that you address the following;1. Why is Bt corn of specific interest to Californian lepidopterists?*;2. What would happen if an allele conferring Bt-corn resistance arose in monarch populations (how would this allele arise)? Would you expect evolutionary change in California Monarch populations? In your essay make sure you cover all the necessary conditions for natural selection to operate and for evolution to occur in a population.;The length should be 3 pages long double-spaced. This does not include references. Use 12 point, Times New Roman font, with 1? margins on all sides of the document. Failure to follow formatting guidelines will result in the loss of a point from your total score.;*You may have to do a little extra research beyond what you read in the article to completely address the questions above in your essay.;The essay you hand in must be written in your own words. DO NOT cut and paste from any other source, or copy from any other person. As always make sure to properly cite any references you use in the essay (author?s last name, year of publication).


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