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Use the Cells Alive website and a ruler to complete the following activities.




How_Big_lab.docx Download Attachment;Extra Credit Lab: How Big?;Name ________________________________ Block;;Use the Cells Alive website and a ruler to complete the following activities.;I. Estimating the Size of a Magnified Object Using a Scale Bar;Go to the How Big? animation on the Cells Alive website.;a. Explore the animation by clicking on each of the specimens listed on the right.;b. Use the arrows to increase the magnification from 10 1,000,000X.;c. Follow the technique for determining size from a scale bar as you measure the diameter or length of 4;magnified specimens.;d. You must use three different magnifications between the four magnified specimens.;a. Measure object with string or ruler in centimeters. Record magnified size and magnification;in the table below.;b. Determine unit conversion from scale bar. Record in table.;c. Use the formula below to calculate the actual size. Show work and your answer in the appropriate;unit: micrometers (um) or nanometers (nm).;Measure the specimen;Magnified;Structure;Ex. Dust mite*;*use the;magnifications;that show a scale;bar.;Magnified size at;magnification;Ex. 5cm length at 100X.*;*the dust mite is measured;on my monitor. Your;answer will vary;depending on how big your;screen is.;Conversion Factor;Scale Bar;(Unit;Conversion);Actual Specimen Size before magnification;Actual Size (before magnification);Show calculation.;2.5 cm = 200um*;*again, I measured the;scale bar on my;computer screen. Yours;may be different.;or 5 cm (20um/2.5 cm) = 40 um;Magnified;Structure;Magnified size at;magnification;Scale Bar;(Unit Conversion);Actual Size (before magnification);Show calculation.;II. Analysis;1. a. What type of microscope would be appropriate to use for each of the structures you chose? List each;structure under the correct microscope listed.;Light Microscope;Scanning or Transmission Electron Microscope;b. List the structures you measured in order from smallest to largest based on actual size.;2. Next, search the internet and choose a microscopic image with a scale bar of one of these specimens: plant;cell, any cell organelle, diatom, virus, protozoan, rotifer or algae. The image may be from a light microscope or;an electron microscope.;a. Measure the length, diameter or a certain part of the magnified specimen and calculate the actual size.;b. Paste the image onto this page.;c. Show your work.;d. Read some background about your specimen. Write a 3-4 sentence paragraph telling why you chose;this specimen and what you found interesting about your organism.;(Paste image here & show calculation)


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