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PROJ 586 Project Management Systems Week 3 Complete DQ's Course Project and Homework Problems




PROJ 586 (Project Management Systems) Devry;Week 3;Network Diagrams and Critical Path (Graded) Discussion 1;This week in the lecture, we are learning about activity dependencies and task durations. Activities in a project are often dependent on the completion of another activity. Those activities can be in the project you are completing or from another project or process. Remember, dependencies can be mandatory or discretionary. Understanding the concept of dependencies will help you build a network diagram to determine the critical path for the project. Why is it critical to the success of the project to understand the critical path?;Week 3: Planning the Project: Schedule and Resources ? Discussion 2;Resource Utilization (Graded);Managing resources can be an interesting, and sometimes difficult, job. How have you managed resources on any of your projects? What do you find as the most difficult part? How have you learned to overcome these issues? If you haven't managed a project before, have you ever been a resource on a project? If so, what are some of the techniques your manager(s) use to balance their resources? What seems to be the most effective for you?;Week 3 Course Project;Week 3 Course Project, Essay Questions;Week 3 Course Project, MS Project;Week 3 Homework;Week 3 Homework, AIB Problems 1 ? 4


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