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In general, plant foods provide a good source of




exam 5.docx Download Attachment;1. In general, plant foods provide a good source of;a. Phosphorus;b. Fiber;c. Retinol;d. Sodium;e. Vitamin b12;2. Which of the following nutrients is least involved in evolution and human nutrition?;a. Vitamin D;b. Folate;c. Iron;d. Sulfur;e. All of the above;3. Vitamin a in the form of is used to treat acne;a. Retinol;b. Retinal;c. Retinoic acid;d. Beta carotene;e. Lycopene;4. In which of the following conditions is a low intake of copper a treatment component of a;genetic disease?;a. Pellagra;b. Wilsons disease;c. Hemochromatosis;d. Beriberi;e. Goiter;5. Ad;6. Which of the following groups are at highest risk for hemolytic anemia?;a. Premature infants;b. Elderly people who do not get exposure to sunlight;c. Pregnant women;d. Teenagers who do not drink enough water;e. Someone who does not consume animal meat or products;7. Iron deficiency causes;a. Microcytic normochromic anemia;b. Macrocytic hypochromic anemia;c. Microcytic hypochromic anemia;d. Macrocytic normochromic anemia;e. Macrocytic hyperchromic anemia;8. Acrodermatitis enterpathica is caused by a deficiency at;a. Iron;b. Zinc;c. Chromium;d. Choline;e. molybdenum;9. Which of the following is required for the absorption of vitamin b12;a. A co-enzyme;b. Intrinsic factor;c. Vitamin c;d. Bile acids;e. None of the above;10. Which nutrient potentiates the action of insulin;a. Magnesium;b. Fluoride;c. Chromium;d. Selenium;e. Iodine;11. Which minerals is a central component of vitamin b12;a. Iron;b. Copper;c. Cobalt;d. Zinc;e. Molybdenum;12. Iodine is a component at;a. Hemoglobin;b. Myoglobin;c. Intrinsic factor;d. Insulin;e. Thyroxine;13. Which of the following statements is not true regarding the diagnosis of a nutritional;deficiency?;a. Dietary records should demonstrate low intake for that nutrient;b. Blood levels should demonstrate high body levels of the nutrient;c. Tissue levels should demonstrate low body levels of the nutrient;d. Nutrient supplementation should correct the deficiency symptoms;e. Clinical deficiency symptoms should be compatible with a low dietary intake;14. Vitamin c helps maintain tissue integrity by;a. Neutralizing foreign proteins;b. Creating an alkaline cell environment;c. Recognizing cell boundaries;d. Forming collagen to bind cells together;e. Increasing inflammation;15. The dietary reference intake for folic acid for an adult female or adult male is;400micrograms/day, but for a pregnant adult woman, the DRI is.. micrograms/day;a. 200 micrograms;b. 400 micrograms;c. 600 micrograms;d. 1000 micrograms;16. Consumption of nuts could help prevent deficiency of;a. Manganese;b. Fluoride;c. Selenium;d. Molybderum;e. Chromium;17. What is a chemical name for vitamin e?;a. Cobalamin;b. Retinol;c. Tocopherol;d. Cholecalciferol;e. phosphatidylcholine;18. For adults, the DRI for sodium is. And the UL for the sodium is.;a. 140, 500;b. 500, 2400;c. 1500. 2300;d. 1500. 3800;e. 2400. 3800;19. The absorption of iron is;a. Increased by consuming water;b. Decreased by consuming meat;c. Unaffected by other nutrients;d. Increased by vitamin c;e. Decreased by vitamin d;20. Which of the following is not a function of zinc in the body?;a. Wound healing;b. Spermatogenesis;c. Blood clotting;d. Taste perception;e. Insulin synthesis;21. Jordan is at risk for (see figure);a. Anemia;b. Night blindness;c. Scurvy;d. Decreased taste acuity;e. hemosiderosis;22. Jordans diet exceeded the tolerable upper intake level;a. Potassium;b. Vitamin b12;c. Sodium;d. Iron;e. Sodium and iron;23. Jordans diet met the dietary reference intake (see figure);a. Fiber;b. Carbohydrate;c. Protein;d. Fat;e. calcium;24. Which food below is not a good source of vitamin b12 in jordens diet (see figure);a. Chicken;b. Egg whites;c. Tuna;d. Wheat germ;e. Whey (milk) shake;25. A good source of beta-carotene (proitamin A) in Jordans diet was (see figure);a. Egg whites;b. Pickles;c. Wheat germ;d. Spinach;e. Diet coke;26. A good source of calcium in Jordans diet was (see figure);a. Whey protein shakes;b. Sliced pickles;c. Egg whites;d. Chicken breast;e. Both the whey protein shakes and the egg whites;27. Jordans high intake of.. could contribute to.. (see figure);a. Phosphorus, osteomalacia;b. Vitamin e, heart disease;c. Sodium, high blood pressure (hypertension;d. Vitamin b12, pernicious anemia;e. Folate, macrocytic anemia;28. A good source of niacin in Jordans diet was (see figure);a. Spinach;b. Pickles;c. Egg whites;d. Chicken;e. None of the above;29. Jordans folate intake could (see figure);a. Minimize Jordans circulating levels of homocysteine;b. Cause microcytic, normochromic anemia;c. Cause scurvy;d. Reduce the risk of osteoporosis;e. Increase the risk of pellegra;30. Jordan is at risk for (see figure);a. Anemia;b. Night blindness;c. Scurvy;d. Decreased taste acuity;e. Hemosiderosis;31. The ul (tolerable upper intake level) for calcium for a 35 year old female is 5 grams;a. True;b. False;32. Approximately 99% of the calcium in the body is in bones and teeth;a. True;b. False;33. Optimal fluoride levels help prevent dental caries;a. True;b. False;34. Newborns are typically given vitamin K shots due to their lack of gastrointestinal bacteria;a. True;b. False;35. Cocoa products provide a food source of copper;a. True;b. False;36. A choline deficiency can result in liver damage;a. True;b. False;37. Burning feet, sleep disturbance, and muscles cramps are all signs of pantothenic acid;deficiency;a. True;b. False;38. Food sources of sodium include whole fruits and vegetables;a. True;b. False;39. Biotin can be found in a wide variety of food sources;a. True;b. False;40. Without water, our bodies would not be able to regulate temperature;a. True;b. False;41. Selenium is an antioxidant nutrient;a. True;b. False;42. Vitamin k functions as a fat soluble anti-oxidant;a. True;b. False;43. Grains provide a source of manganese;a. True;b. False;44. Vitamin b6 is a water-soluble vitamin. And therefore cannot be toxic;a. True;b. False;45. Dry beriberi is common in alcoholics and includes symptoms of dermatitis and jaundice;a. True;b. False;46. Thiamin functions in fatty acid metabolism;a. True;b. False;47. Goiter is a condition related to iodine deficiency;a. True;b. False;48. The majority of body water is extra cellular;a. True;b. False;49. Sodium, potassium and chloride function as electrolytes;a. True;b. False;50. Smoking and alcohol consumption can negatively influence bone density;a. True;b. false;View Full Attachment


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