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Which of the following is a common feature of all hormones




3 part question;Which of the following is a common feature of all hormones?;A) Hormones act as a chemical signal between cells.;B) Hormones are proteins.;C) Hormones enter a cell, bind to a receptors, and interact with DNA.;D) Hormones are produced in response to stress.;E) Hormone levels are controlled by the pituitary gland.;The hypothalamus controls the anterior pituitary by means of ____________.;A) third messengers;B) second messengers;C) antibodies;D) cytokines;E) releasing hormones;Which of the following statements is correct?;A) Receptors for steroid hormones are located inside target cells;B) Many hormones elicit more than one type of response in the body.;C) Local regulators are signals that link neighboring cells.;D) The series of changes in cellular proteins that convert the extracellular signal to a specific intracellular response is called signal transduction.;E) All of the above statements are correct.


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